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Spotify app – 

One of the most popular music app in the world does not need any introduction. It is a brand on par with the other big brad global names of internet world. 

Spotify is an audio streaming app platform and it is the platform through which, protected music podcast and other videos are available. It is a combination of individual artist and music production companies.   

It is very common to see the Spotify APK on the Android devices of the world and on IOS phones. 

Spotify service includes basic ads and automatic music videos that can be taken for free.  Higher services like improved streaming and commercial free songs is via subscription. The music can be searched based on album, genre, artist, playlist or label. 

Download Spotify app to the Android smartphone device. 

History and background – 

This music- app-platform was launched to the world in 2008 and as of 2020 commands approximately 50 million tunes and tracks. The majority of its user base is in Europe USA, Australia and NZ, followed by a lot of presence in Asia and Africa also. Going by the latest numbers, Spotify app has about 248 million monthly active users out of which 113 million are regular subscribers of its services.   The company is headquartered in Sweden. The current and running Android version as of November 2020 is and the latest update is of November 2020. The minimum Android device requirement is 5.0 and above. The storage space taken up in Android device is 4.2 MB. 

Spotify is among the top five music apps in USA. 

It is music and podcast all the way with Spotify app installed on the mobile. 

Features – 

If an artist has released their own album to a record company, they can give the rights to Spotify for a pre agreed amount.  The artist will get the advantage of a wider audience to the songs. Accordingly, Spotify will have the responsibility to protect the copyrights of the song. 

Over the years, the app has launched many initiatives to give better user experience to both listener’s and artists. 

Toi help many artists to grow, there is a feature of the fan insight panel which gives them number details of the usage by listeners on a monthly basis. It is also given area wise, and song wise. 

In 2018, the platform launched a standalone app for Australian Android users with 62 channels for a particular music genre. It was a major success. 

Install the APK of Spotify on the Android for a gateway to the world of music.

Updated: November 30, 2020 — 8:36 am

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