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Get the best of social guidance on making the right investment in stock and shares.  The Public app by its very name is eponymous with the services it offers. They turn the stock market into a social aspect and helps everyone to invest. Interested individual or institutional traders can follow veteran investors, they can track companies with good stock movements and they can invest without any restrictions on the amount of money. From a small token to huge sums. 

This and much more by installing the pubic app.  From exchange of information, to interaction with expert stock market pundits and investing in a pool with other interested people. There are lots to be done by the public with the Public app. 

So what exactly is the benefits that will accrue from this app? There are several like – 

First and foremost, will be the worry of every investor if their investments are protected from any fraudulent event. There is no need for any investor to worry as Public app is a member of Securities Investment Protection Corporation (SPIC). All investors within $ 5,00,000 will be protected against any unauthorised happening. The Public App APK on the phone is biggest security thereby. 

All data used for trading is safe and end to end encrypted. The investor data is protected at every level against sort of exposure. 

The public app is not for just for the smart or regular investor. In fact, it is an app for everyone including the very first time trader. Every trade is a learner curve to the next level. It teaches things slowly and with a good grip. Invest in stocks that have high potential returns into a strong portfolio. 

Make investment in small share values of big volumes or what is known as fractional shares once the Public App is downloaded. Also enter into ETF investments. Remember there are no charges. Every real broker will charge something. 

 There is a big library of themes to make life easy for the investor. The potential stocks are shortlisted according to its value and interest returns. This makes it easy to analyse the companies that release the stocks. 

There is an inclusive community of traders and investors who are willing to share information openly and happily. Become a part of this community with the Public app download. There are many trades, market development stories and happening trends. 

Note- There are no commissions and charges for anything. There is no day trading that is done. 

Updated: November 30, 2020 — 8:33 am

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