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Kormo Jobs- 

This is an app developed by the one of the world’s largest software and internet development company – Google LLC. It helps the users to find the jobs suitable for them in accordance with their profile. It lists down the jobs and accordingly users profile gets matched. They can apply as per this matching. Apart from job searching, the other services provided by this includes skill updates, preparation of digital CV for which the user has to key in their details. 

Needless to say it also helps job hunters in preparing for interviews so as to secure that prized job. 

In an age when getting jobs and generating a good income is of paramount importance. Now Google is also using its technology to come out in the forefront of job searches through the Kormo Jobs app.   Now, thanks to Google, millions of seekers of jobs have been connected to prospective employers around the globe. The functions country specific and displays only the jobs of that particular country or region. 

Another feature is that most of the jobs are for entry level, fresher and junior profiles. Applicants can get personalised job recommendations by installing Kormo Jobs app on their smart phones. The will be employers that have verified in terms of their growth and turnover by the app. Beyond this, job seekers can create and download their digital CV in no time at all. 

They can also apply directly to companies and schedule their job interviews with just a few simple clicks. This and much more with the Kormo Jobs APK downloaded on the Android devices.  

There are job openings of all types but more of the focus is on sectors like retail. Logistics, real state, services. The last one is a wide definition and includes technology and application development companies, scientific and research services, teaching services and more. Install the Kormo Jobs app right now and all those youngsters out there can start looking for their jobs. Round the corner may be waiting the dream profile. So more delaying! 

The summary of services – 

Getting entry level jobs from verified employers. 

Interview scheduling can be done via the Kormo Jobs app and no need to take the long route of calling the company HR manager. 

It’s not just scheduling but also assistance on preparing for interviews. 

Real time tracking on all job applications with equally fast status updated. 

Creating the digital CV in easy steps. 

Skill development of potential job seekers. 

Note – Kormo Jobs app launched its services in India in August 2020.
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Updated: October 15, 2022 — 1:17 pm

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