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Defined in simple terms, it is TV on the move.  In technical functionality, Portable TV is a video streaming service and also a video library that provides unrestricted entertainment. It gives all the latest and the most entertaining of programs to watch that will keep the viewer right on the edge.  With the Portable TV app, the viewer can have a completely global outlook of the things happening within and outside. 

It is not limited to any one type of entertainment. Almost every category and genre is covered with the Portable TV app installed on the smartphone.  Get into all the favourite topics that is followed on a regular basis and any other topic including special developments.  It is a one-point coverage of everything from entertainment to reality shows, movies and songs, sports, business, news. Technology and gadget, history and special documentaries. 

The news and talk shows gives all the current and on-going topic discussions and stay updated on each important topics happening around. As part of a group, discuss these topics and matters of common interest. Al through the Portable TV app download on Android and IOS devices. 

It covers live telecast of many international sports events and tournaments. Portable TV is the official partner of the Stanley Cup Ice Hockey tournament. 

There are many documentaries that are extremely interesting and informative. It covers various subjects from science to history to nature.  Install Portable TV APK on Android mobile phones and watch the best of them. 

It is 24*7 streaming of shows and news and sports and many other types of entertainment.  Pick and choose what has to be watched according to category. 

Apart from all this, exclusive and special Portable TV app content is available to which the viewer has access.  This is in additional to what is available normal. 

Each episode whether it be documentary, discussion and debate, soap opera, movie – t can be previewed and taken stock of before going to watch it. This gives a better idea of things. 

Make use of a rich archival of past episodes to have an all comprehensive view and broaden the knowledge horizon with the Portable TV app download. 

The Android version as of September 2020 is 1.0.80 and the minimum device requirement is Android 5.0 and above. The last update is of the same month. The file size is 37MB. The app has been developed by T&R productions.   

Updated: November 19, 2020 — 11:05 am

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