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Hisab, Khata Udhar.  Translated from Hindi into English, it stands as dues, accounts book, borrowed money. Some of the most commonly used words for business men and even for others, in daily life. 

So now with all these having come online, businessmen can manage their accounts in the perfect manner through the OKCredit app installed on their Android device. It is the total end to end Indian app for the small and medium business.  The app can also be called as a sort of Bhai Kahata free register app. With this, get all transactions done through the perfect cash book or the ledger book. 

There will no pending hisab ( dues), perfectly maintained and updated khata ( accounts ) and no Udhar either from the merchant ( to a vendor or supplier)  or to the merchant ( from the customer). Timely reminders for each and everything with the OKCredit APK downloaded on the smartphone. 

For an India that is going digital in all ways, it is the best time to say goodbye to manual ledger book maintenance and even that legacy accounting software which can sometimes be very complex.  The biggest advantage is that accounts updating can be done on the move, anytime and anywhere. 

There are so many reasons for using the OKcredit accounting app – 

It is absolutely secure and reliable and cannot be accessed by anybody else. The App can be locked with a pin code that only the owner knows. 

There are regular feature updating and these come promptly. It helps the business owner to be in sync with latest market requirements of a typical account book app. 

OKcredit app has an easy to use interface and is very simple in all its operations. Even a not so regular app user can understand its function. It is technology with super ease. 

Any loss or damage to the device does not affect the settings. It is possible to do the login through a verified phone number from a new device. 

Just install OKcredit app and get all Udhar amount online.  Settle all the big and small amounts online with timely reminders to customers. 

 There are no one time fees or any installation charges or any usage charges above a certain level. It is totally free. 

Available in most of the regional languages and thereby a truly Indian app. 

Add as many customer as required to keep records of all Hisab-Kitab and Len Den. 

Current Android version as of November 2020 is 2.33.4 and minimum device requirement is 5.0 and above.

Updated: November 30, 2020 — 8:31 am

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