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It is a service provided by Google to clean up the Android device and maintain the files in the mobile phone properly.  The Files by Google app gives ways by which unnecessary files and junk can be removed. The important ones can be backed up on the cloud.  Files can also be shared offline with those requiring them and that too in a safe mode. Another important advantage is the easy browsing and searching of the files.  All the files can be integrated with the media player for use. 

There is no doubt about the fact that once read, then you will certainly go ahead and install Files by Google APK on the Android device.  

File cleaning and backing up on the cloud – Getting more space on the mobile phone can sometimes be a daily boring chore. Every day we are bombarded with so many videos, pots and GIF’s that phone internal storage becomes full in matter of few days. With just a few clicks on this app removes all junk docs, files and unwanted pics or memes from different chat apps. The more useful ones can be backed up on the Google drive. If by some ill luck, phone crashes, then no need to worry when the Files by Google app is installed on smart phone.  Files can also be transferred into any third party cloud services or to the SD storage.

Sharing data offline –  All pictures, videos, photos, posts, audio and song files can be shared with others. It is fast transfer with a speed of almost 480 mbps and does not require internet. At the other end, receiver should also have installed Files by Google app. That’s all. Beside it is completely secure and runs on WAP2 encryption. This makes all file transfer very safe. Through the use of Bluetooth many large size APK files can be transferred n seconds. 

Searches for files very easily – There is no need to spend a whole lot of time trying to look for files and documents. The app uses filters and not folders. Advantage is that all data is organised more systematically with the help of Files by Google app. Every file can be sorted so those occupying space can be compressed or placed outside phone storage.  All files can be found in a jiffy through the media player also. 

Smart recommendations –This feature suggests which files can be possibly removed before phone reaches a stage of sudden full storage.  

Updated: November 19, 2020 — 11:05 am

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