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Pagar in Hindi means wages or salary and it is a common and popular usage at both white collar and blue collar levels. While pronouncing the name is very easy, it is not so easy to manage the wages of staff within an office. As the number of employees increases it gets tougher. Although there are many payroll management system software’s, having a mobile app for salary brings in much higher level of ease and convenience. That is exactly what the PagarBook app does to the user. 

It is a comprehensive app that does the functionality of payroll management, wage administration, employee attendance, recording the work done, advance payment tracking, bonus calculations. Its utility is best as a digital app attendance recorder for small and medium business having a limited number of staff. 

It will save the cost of investing big amounts on high end payroll software and of course the annual renewal charges. A one-time installation of PagarBook, is enough for the entire duration of its usage – twenty years or more. At the same time, it is a higher step to the traditional ways of doing business of manual khata ( accounts) or hisab-kitab ( dues book or ledger book ). It can also be used for making invoices of all the work done through employees and workers. 

With the PagarBook APK on the android device, the organisation gets a digital payment entry book right from day one.  It will give details of all dues, overtime, wage calculation done on pro rata basis – number of days or hours No cause of complaint for employee or owner. A timely paid employee means better results and output.  

It is totally safe and secure to use and can be locked through password and pin with acces only to the owner.  Suited for the small owner of Indian business who would never like to give details even to his or her closest employees. 

Payroll and salaries is managed with ease and also generation of salary slip and other record details in PDF form that can be accessed over WhatsApp 

With the PagarBook app download, owners can send SMS and WhatApp notifications to employees and notify about leaves, special allowances, bonuses, work details. 

The data in the app about the Pagar or wages of the staff can be accessed from any device through the phone number through which it is linked. No fear of losing any salary record. 

It is compatible on IOS as well

Updated: November 30, 2020 — 8:33 am

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