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The word translated in Hindi means – Account Book. In popular daily usage, Khata Book is something maintained to keep track of daily expenses and receivables. It can be personal or it can be business related. Now with the digital age driving most of the things, get all these details on the mobile smart phone. The Khata Book app is best suited for small scale to micro business with having daily transactions. It is tailor made for the shop owners. 

Now just forget the legacy system of making manual ledger entries every time some money or stock goes out or in. Bring in the digital ledger which apart from being fast is also completely safe and secure. The perfect tool to have all the customer account details. Just install Khata Book app and run the business in a smooth and free manner.  There is no need for small and big retail owners to get bogged down by maintaining the unending customer transactions, debit and credit. 

Features of this app – 

It is totally free and there are no subscription charges. 

Open and transparent and every detail is recorded. The customer gets the details of every transaction through SMS. Each and everything is recorded. 

Safety and security is of the highest level.  By placing app lock, nobody else can peep into the account details. 

All transactions are subject to an automatic backup on the private internet cloud. Data is always safe. 

Download the Khata Book app and with everything recorded, it is easy to follow up for payments. Make time reminders to all customers. 

The details of every customer can be saved as a PDF file. Just like a bank transactions statement. 

For retail and shop owners having more than one shop, they can manage multiple accounts with the Khata Book APK on the Android device. 

Similarly, more than one phone can have Khata account book. 

Add every transaction that has happened with the customer. 

Customer reminder payments can be sent directly from the app. 

Customer information can be edited in term of new transactions or change of address with the download of Khata Book app. 

The famous but irritating Udhar Jama (to be paid added details) can be now managed so easily with this app. 

The true Indian app with all Len Den ( give and take ) transactions recorded. Suited for every type of Indian shop – from Paanwala to the Supermarket. 

The running Android version is 4.16.0 as of September 2020.

Updated: November 19, 2020 — 11:20 am

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