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The name clearly specifies that 11 wickets – a combination of 11 players and the wicket which is used in the match. It is fantasy game of cricket and the 11 wickets app reaches out to the cricket crazy population of India. Apart from cricket, there are also other fantasy sports like football and basketball. Now play your favourite game with the all the celebrities of Indian cricket through 11 wickets app. Build the complete cricket team of 11 players and according to your likes. Look at all factors like past performance, abilities, toss results, fitness etc. Then go ahead and create a team.

It is not necessary that one should have played team level cricket at school or college. It is just clear logic and analytic thinking that drives a fantasy team to its success. Download the 11 wickets app and realise this success.  

The popularity and the craze of cricket drives the very Indian sports soul. It is only but natural that actual cricket lovers would be willing to play fantasy cricket as well. It is estimated that fantasy cricket market in India is almost to the tune of $ 5 billion and growing. 

So now, by installing the 11 wickets APK what exactly can the user play and is there anything else also exciting? Yes, there is of course.  There are cash prizes that can be claimed by the winner player. It’s very simple. From the dashboard select the cricket game of choice. Then create your own team including the captain and the vice-captain. After that, enter into the game by selecting the different offers.  The winning team gets the cash prize. 

There are many questions that are asked about fantasy play on the apps. So before installing 11 wickets app, someone may put a doubt in your head, that it is not permissible. In fact, nothing can be more further from truth. It is legal and is only played under an extremely safe platform. All the relevant details like the PAN and bank number has to be given before entering into the game. The winning cash money will be credited to the bank account. 

As regards the legality, repeating once more, that it is completely permissible and is not categorized as a gambling game or placed under the Purview of the Public Gambling Act. It is classified as a game of skill. 

Ni need to wait anymore. Go ahead and play 11 wickets app game.

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