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Let’s say, you are shifting from your well-furnished house to another city for an official project of short duration to another city. This    duration may not be more than six or seven months. So, there is no point in purchasing new furniture or appliances for the house taken on rent in that city. This is because anyhow you will be retuning back to your original house which is totally furnished.  The only way out is to find someone who will rent them for these six months. This is where the RentMojo app comes in so handy. From furniture to appliances and other electronic devices, it is the best app to select for short term usage. 

Set up a complete home or office, all in a matter of few minutes and a few taps on the smartphone device. Within not more than 72 hours, you can have a completely equipped home or an office at a nominal cost.  Getting the feel of being at home outside home through the RentMojo app installed on the smartphone devices.  

This app is India’s most popular and leading rental platform.  The services are available in eight cities which includes Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Noida. With minimal effort it provides everything right for a new house and office. There are many advantages to using this app. It provides the highest quality products at affordable prices. The team at RnetMojo will send all the technical and visual details of the products. The customers can get every doubt clarified before making purchase. It has an extensive range of products. With the RentMojo APK installed on the Android device, there is very less chance that any furniture or appliance required for a new office will be missing. 

On top of that it gives free maintenance updates to the user. If there are any issues with the products (so far there has not been anything), the team will give complete telephonic and on-site support. Once the product has been ordered, the installation of the same is also the responsibility of the RentMojo team. In every way, the objective is to give complete customer satisfaction. 

This is the reason for the popularity of the app across India today. It has 1.5 million users who have installed RentMojo app on their smartphone devices.  It is recommended to all users to go for a longer rent period so as to get lesser rent charges. 

The app is compatible on both Android and IOS devices. The running Android version is 3.5.8 as of September 2020.


Updated: November 19, 2020 — 11:19 am

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