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Marriages are made in heaven. The old saying goes and certainly believes in it. 

It is the most popular app and portal that has tied the knots of almost 6 million couples in the country and there seems to be no slowing down. In India where marriages are done in a careful and planned community basis way, has been one of the biggest connecting aggregator digital platforms.  It is one of the early portals to get launched in the country more than two decades back. Today, app is a branded and household name. It has regional specific portals which connects every nook and comer of India for a blissful married life.    The success of online matrimony in the country is largely the efforts of 

There are so many features and thereby services that can be availed by downloading the app.  

Users or prospective brides and grooms can register and upload their profile details.  This is at different levels according to the extent they want to give the information. There are free and paid registration services. As the match making proceeds, it can be scaled.  

The app has one of the biggest database. Families can search according to region, state, country, language and more. 

Complete profiles can be viewed along with all the photos.  Shortlist among the multiple choices or else save them for future viewing and finalisation. 

If both the girl and boy are interested to converse with one another, then use the messenger services of app. Start knowing one another through chat talks. This is a hit service of the app. 

So, if they start liking one another and want to proceed then get connected with video call services. See face to face and talk with the Shaadi Meet services. This is a new service. 

There are eleven community based apps through which exclusive search can be made within that community. This includes Tamil, Kerala, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Guajarati and more. All this with the APK download on the smartphone device.

Go for a premium membership and get many benefits like profile photo, contact number or email id and chat services. In the premium services, the visibility also gets enhanced and more people get to see details of either side. 

Matching can also be done according to certain criteria like jobs and income level. 

Install and set the pavement to a happy future. 

The app is compatible on both Android and IOS.

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