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Download & Install SastaSundar App – 

In Hindi the words mean cheap and great. It is a sort of wish to have something that is affordable as well as excellent. The two rarely goes together as anything that is great is also costly. There are some rare exceptions also.

The Sasta Sunder app is one such exception. It is an online medicine and health app that functions any time of the day. Now there is no need to rush to that 24 hours open medical shop which may sometimes be very far off from the house. It is one of the best digital platforms to collect all ailment related drugs – small or major and other OTC products, right to the doorstep. That too at free of cost! 

That really is Sasta Sundar in all aspects. It is not just medicine supply but into entire healthcare solution. This includes consultancy and all other personal health care. Now the pharmacist and the doctor combined is present in the form of an App. 

 Download the Sasta Sundar app on the mobile smartphone and go ahead in daily life without any worries. 

This aggregation site gets their medicines only with reputed and licenced chemist and hence buyers need not have any fears on the quality level of the medicines. It is 100% guarantee at all times.  

The app is compatible on Android and IOS phones. The running Android version as of September 2020 is 3.8.2 and the last update is of August 20209. The app size is 8.1 MB. The minimum requirement is 5.0 and above. The running IOS version is 4.2 as of the September 2020 and the last update is of August 2020. The minimum device requirement is IOS 10.0 and above. The file size is 77.3 MB. 

The success of the app is due to the just for you philosophy. Download Sasta Sundar and get person specific services. By using AI, this app gives health conditioned attuned products that is required for the user. There are health articles for each products and they are for consumers to specifically help them. 

Every product or service can be shopped according to specific health need, type of medicine of the pharmaceutical brand. There is smart search feature for this.  

Through the Sast Sundar  APK and get many other services like BMI , pregnancy calculator, Vaccination tacker. In the products almost all types of generic drugs are available. 

Health and consumable products of all the big brand names are here.

 (Current serviceable locations include Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, NCR, West Bengal. More areas will be serviced soon). 

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