RPG fantasy Games For Android

RPG fantasy – RPG stands for Role Playing Games. Here players in the game don the role of fictional or real life characters. Players enact these roles backed through a scenario which is mostly tailor made for the game. All the decisions in the games are taken in tandem with some of the nature of the person they are enacting. It can be a win or lose game. RPG playing game apps are centred on different genre of games.

These games run on Windows, Xbox 360, Play Station 3. Many of these games are immensely popular and it is compatible on both Android and IOS.  It is very common to the RPG fantasy games downloaded on both these devices. It is in fact played by different age groups. It is virtually transportation to another world. The style and genre may be different but there is something of the character that can always enthral. It might be constructing cities, swordplay game, magical game, sports related and more. Ultimately every game is in the user I.e. your control and allow you to take control of the settings.   

There is many a game teaser, challenging decisions and options. It will always make you think of what could be best one once the specific RPG APK has been installed on the smartphone device. Here is a list of some of the top RPG fantasy games played worldwide. 

Kingdom Hearts 2 – It is a tribology series and the story is based on a young boy called Sora who gains the powers of a Keyblade. He now has to travel across the Disney world to prevent certain evil forces and their destructive acts. 

Assassins Creed of Odyssey- In this game, there are mercenaries like Cassandra or Alexios in your control. It all depends on how they are used and to what good or bad outcomes. 

Star Wars – Knight of the old republic:  This one is very much popular the world over. The force has to be mentored under the great Jedi. They have to be used for specific purpose. 

Download these RPG playing games to the smartphone and set your heart pumping. 

Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion- As the number says, it is the fourth instalment in the series. The characters continue as in the old series and their attempts to protect the world from the evil Mythic Dawn. 

The outer world – An RPG game that is popular due to its heavy dialogues. It has a lot of engaging characters like the firefly. 

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