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Qureka Pro – These days there are many gaming apps that let the user make good money through quizzes or shows, games and other brain teasers. All of them are absolutely legal and everyone above the age of 18 years can participate. A very popular such one is the Qureka Pro app. It was earlier known by the name GameChamp  – developed and released by the company Qureka. It is all about participating in different types of games and then winning prize money on it. To be sure, viewers and game prize earners would of course remember the Qureka Live Trivia game show. That was totally quiz based cash earners.

The Qureka Pro has many games in which users can play and earn prize money. These include the Cricket T20, Bubble shooter, fruit slash, fruit chop, Save Panda, Candy burst, Happy Jump, don’t crash and many other releases. Play, win and take away cash prizes into the PayTM account by downloading the Qureka Pro App. Players can also invite friends and other acquaintances to be participants in these games. 

All that needs to be done is to follow the steps in download and then go ahead to win some amazing cash prizes. After Qureka Pro is installed on the smartphone, then put in the referral code and the user can claim a bonus on this. To get it activated follow the verification process through OTP. Then click on enter and give the requisite permissions. 

All set to start playing! 

On the home screen will be displayed the different games that can be played. This will be in the form of a picture along with the name of the game. 

Now select and click on the game. There will be a free one which is a practice game. Just brush up with the practice and go for the actual one. 

What is the big wait for now? Download the Qureka Pro APK right now on the Android device! 

The games can be played through coins or cash. The entrance fee for every game is mentioned. 

Just remember, all the games are very easy to play and there is nothing complicated about it at all. 

If new games are to be added, then just go to the end of the home page and on the bottom right click on –  More Games. 

It does not end here. There are referral prizes too for bringing in a friend. Every referral earns Rs 5 and it goes to the VIP wallet.

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