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To say too much about the PhonePe app would be admitting that people have not heard about it.  Nothing can be more further that truth because PhonePe is one of the most used digital payment apps in the country. It is used for making mobile based payments in merchant’s outlets, sending and receiving to and from other bank accounts, recharge mobile phones, make utility payments, travel bookings and lots more. 

 The app was launched in the year 2015 and today it has more than 200 million users in the country. PhonePe is accepted at more than 10 million offline and online merchant outlets. It is spread across 400 cities. 

This payment app works on a United Payments Interface. Just install the PhonePe app on the mobile smartphone and then link it to the bank account. Every time, a payment needs to be done, the user has to log in with numerical password. Then scan the QR code and make payment authorised through a transaction password. 

Now ahead and make payments from 1 Re to lacs of Rupees using the PhonePe mobile app.  The running Android version as of September 2020 is 4.0.16 and the latest update is of the same month. The minimum device requirement is Android 4.3 and above. The running IOS version as of September 2020 is 5.4.61. The minimum IOS device requirement is 10.0 and above. 

Phone Pe has highest level of safety and every transaction is completed with multiple authentication. It is more safe than internet banking. Now just go ahead and make your house electricity or gas bill payment, when on the move, from any part of the country.  

Make instant money transfer to any other mobile in a matter of seconds with the PhonePe APK install.  No need to link the receivers account. They should also have UPI payment app installed.  This is the only pre-requisite

Users can also check their own bank account balances, transaction details and manage more than one bank accounts. 

The app connects to all the major banks of the country like SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Axis bank, ICICI and more than 100 banks. 

Recharge and make bill payments of all the mobile operators in India. It gives reminders with the due amount every time the user does a login. Similarly, DTH connections payments can be made of all the major operators. 

Install PhonePe app and get guidance in tax savings and investment in right tax saving schemes. The latest features have investment in gold and liquid mutual funds.

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