Dailyhunt App Download For Android

Dailyhunt App Download For Android –

It is very common to see news headlines and latest development clipping summary coming from DailyHunt on the mobile smartphone. It can come as a flash on the screen or sometimes as news clippings from other social media apps.

The Daily Hunt app today is one of the most popular apps in India with an active monthly user base of 300 million. Its popularity is mainly due to the local language content provided by them, apart from Hindi and English.  It started as a news aggregator site in the year 2010 and then expanded its services slowly.  The exploding popularity has made termed it as “Indian Billion Dollar Babies” by global management firm Goldman Sachs. 

With the DailyHunt app installed on the smartphone devices, people across India have access to unending source of information in their region specific mother tongue. This information ranges from daily breaking news, entertainment, social issues, sports.  

The app is compatible on both Android and IOS devices. The running Android version is 16.1.2 and the last update is of July 2020. The minimum requirement is Android 5.0 and above.  The latest IOS version is 10.0.1 and the last update is of August 2020. Minimum device requirement is 11.0 and above. 

Download the latest APK of Dailyhunt app on the Android device and get real time local, regional, national and international happenings. All on the go. 

It is not just a news aggregator site but also a platform for everyone to interact and share thoughts and opinions. Viewers can press on the repost button and put their opinions about every article. 

If there is anything interesting such as an events, videos, photos of personal and social gatherings, memes, then share it across.  If it is a social topic, with a hash tag, start a trend. 

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If the users are of a mingling type, then just download the Dailyhunt app and become part of any existing group. Otherwise start a group and then join friends and members in it, based on common interest. 

Everything trending can be found on Dailyhunt . it can be about a latest recipe that is local or the Wimbledon finals.  Get into the users post and become actively engaged. 

Users can have specific and customised content delivered to them in news, events, business and corporate developments, entertainment, technology and gadgets, sports, academics. This will come in the form of video or / and text. 

Follow favourite newspapers and publications in 14 different languages.

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