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Mi Homes app –  There are many people who buy Xiaomi products. It is not just the smartphones but the entire range of the company products. It goes without saying that Xiaomi is globally famous for its mobile brand range. However, it is to a good extent popular for all other consumer goods and electronic products such as apps, laptops, fitness bands, earphones, smart home IOT device eco system. In fact, the smart home range is very popular and just next to the smartphone mobiles. The smart homes ecosystem has connected more than 100 million devices across the world. Its usage is increasing every day. Mi Homes App Download

The OS of Xiaomi phones is MIUI which is a fork of the Android operating system. It is touching almost 300 million monthly active users. In fact, it is very common to see many households purchasing the entire set of products from Xiaomi. The managing of this entire set of products is done from Mi Homes app. This is the official app realised by the company in the easiest and technically convenient manner. Users can now control and manage their entire list of Xiaomi products right from the smartwatch, to the camera and the lamp and then going on the laptop, fan and the alarm clock and just about everything brought from Xiaomi. 

Now download the Mi Homes app on the Xiaomi smartphone and find the one stop management point of entire range of the brand’s products. In other words, it is single point contact setting for all Xiaomi devices. However please note that its utility is best for those users who have a good number of the smart products of the company in their houses. If it is only one or two, it may not matter much. This can be managed individually also. 

Once the Mi Homes app is downloaded on the smartphone device, then everything can be centrally managed. The app runs on Android as well as IOS devices. In order to use this particular app, every user will have to create their account.  This can be done in a very short time of a few minutes from the app itself. The login can be done through the Facebook account as well. 

Once user account is created, just tap a button and then all the devices of Xiaomi that are nearby will be shown. These devices can then be configured individually. 

The home page interface has four sections- Mi Home, Store, Automation, Profile. 

The current Android version is 5.8.1 as of July 2020. The minimum Android requirement is 4.0 and above.  The IOS version is 5.50.0 as of July 2020. The minimum IOS requirement is 9.0 and above.

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