Linkedin App Download For Android

Linkedin App Download For Android – LinkedIn is the biggest professional social media site and a global brand name. It functions both as a website and via mobile apps. The usage is popular in both the platforms.  The purpose of LinkedIn is professional networking. It is a place where people introduce themselves professionally. In other words, they put up their resumes specifying their professional expertise. At the same time, companies also make job postings. There are many professional forums and associations in this site. The members in LinkedIn can link up to one another. Linkedin App Download For Android

With the LinkedIn app on the smartphone, users can get the latest openings of their specific sector, network across the globe, find out the latest developments in the professional and corporate world. 

LinkedIn launched its services in December 2003 and was taken over by Microsoft in 2016 end. As of May 2020, it has 690 million registered users. The presence is spread across 150 countries. Member in LinkedIn reach out to one another through “connections”.   These are the professional outreaches. A member can invite an existing or new member for a connection. 

Download the LinkedIn app and connect to professionals all over the world to reach new heights of career path. It is the perfect career launcher with no geographical restriction. That dream job and the perfectly suited employee will be there in LinkedIn. 

Through the use of the social profile as a CV, users can highlight the special success points in the career such as job achievements, expertise, technical or soft skills, awards and accolades. 

Install the LinkedIn app on the smartphones and search through millions of job filters. There will always be something matching according to the profile and expertise. The app gives job search alerts that will notify as per the companies. It can also be the job vacancies that one is looking into. Become the first one to apply and get early bird advantage. 

With LinkedIn, it is social networking in the business sector at its best. There are everyday new connections with companies and professionals.

With the LinkedIn APK installed on the Android phones, users can share business articles with other members of the community. They can also write their own posts. 

There are resume editors for many online jobs. Shape up a good resume. 

The app is compatible on Android and Apple devices. The running Android version as of July 2020 is 4.1.473. Device requirement is 5.0 and above.

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