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This is the photo sharing and storage service offered by Google. This service were initially part of the Goggle plus, the social network division of Google. It is a sort of image search engine wherein the users can look up for anything. The results are given in the form of people, place and things. Google Photo App Download

The Google photo apps or the platform makes an analyses of the photos through identification of the subjects or the features that are visual. This is done through the computer vision of the Google Photos which recognizes the face of – humans and animals, places with iconic landmarks, events such as marriage anniversaries etc. Common grouping is the main linkage feature. 

Another main service utility of Google photos is that users get unlimited storage of sixteen megapixel photos and videos having a resolution of 1080P. This is in the “high quality” storage stetting feature. There is also the “original quality “and “express quality” features.  

Through machine learning embedded in its technology, Google Photos services enables photo content recognition and generate albums of similar photos thereby. It also turns, same type of photos into quick videos. 

Download the Google photo app to the smartphone device to enjoy the best of the pictures and images on an intelligent basis.

Another important functionality is the backup. This happens every time when the photos are shared via Goggle with other social media platforms or through other apps. The images are backed up to the cloud service. 

Since its demerger from Google plus, the Google photo services has become more popular with many stand alone, add-on features. These include recognition technology, faster loading times, search apps, shared photo libraries (auto suggestion based on face, location or other distinctive features). As of 2018-19 onwards, more than 1.2 billion photos are uploaded on a daily basis through this service. In the year 2019, Google Photo crossed the 1 billion user mark. 

The Google lens feature is perfect for all hard to describe photos. Get everything done straight from the photo, including copying and translation. Find new events and products. 

The Google Photos app is compatible on both the Android and the IOS devices. The stable Android Version is and this was released in Feb 2020. The Android device requirement can vary according to the device.  The last update is of July 2020. The IOS version is 5.2 as of July 2020. Minimum IOS requirement is 11.0 and above.

Updated: September 20, 2020 — 6:39 pm

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