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FaceApp Pro Apk Download – 

The name of the app rightly gives its purpose as well. This eponymous app is a photo and video editing app that brings about changes in the human face by making it look – older, younger, smiling, sad, happy and various other changes. This transformational change of the face is done through neural network (artificial circuit of neurons for understanding and solving artificial intelligence problems) based on Artificial Intelligence. FaceApp Pro Apk Download

The app gained instant popularity since its launch and has been mentioned by many tech magazines for its power packed technological application to realistic face change. By 2019, it had come among the top 10 popular apps of the world both in Android and IOS devices. This was according to statistical data given by third party market analytics App Annie. As per them, FaceApp is the number one app in 150 countries on the IOS devices and 77 countries on Android phones (for 2018 and 2019). 

On the Google play store, FaceApp has been downloaded around hundred million times. In many countries, it has become a trend for people to make face changes of their friends, relations and other social circle members. Either making them look younger or older!  

The FaceApp was launched and developed in 2016 end by Wireless Lab. It works on both Android and IOS devices. There are many different ways to make the changes to the uploaded photo. This can be done through hair colours, beards, glasses, age changes, editor options of impression change, hairstyle, filters, lens blur, editor options. There are also Tattoos or Vignettes.  The app has gained popularity among transgender and LGBT groups for realistic digitally simulated gender change. 

The FaceApp is freemium. Many basic features are free and users need to subscribe in order to access certain high end features.  It has easy to use functions and most of the face changes happens through a simple tap. It works on the best of Artificial Intelligence technology. 

Now there is no need to spend hours on Photoshop for making even small changes with the FaceApp downloaded on mobile smartphones. 

Fun and creativity with FaceApp – 

Users can make Hollywood ready selfies with many impression filters. 

Install FaceApp and change a gloomy face into a smiling and cheerful one. 

For males, fit in the perfect beard or moustache. 

Colour filters, lend blur and other tools. 

Everything is AI based for all face changes. 

App details – 

Android version AS OF July 2020 – 

Min Android requirement – 5.0 and above.

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