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As common as the smartphone is the Google pay app in it. The utility payments such as mobile recharge, electricity and gas bill is now regularly paid through Google Pay in India. Not only that, most of the business make small money transfers over the mobile via Google Pay app. In India, it is not just an app but a necessary daily tool of life. 

Google pay is a digital wallet platform through which electronic payments can be made via the mobile phone. This payment platform has been developed by Google LLC. It was launched in 2015 as Android pay. This service was subsequently merged with another Google payment platform – Google Wallet. The new service was rebranded as Google Pay. 

It is an Android specific APP. Many of the earlier features such as like in-store, peer to peer services is part of Google Pay now. 

The Installed Google pay app is linked to the bank account of the user. For every purchase, money is debited from their account. An additional feature is the booking and payment for airline boarding passes and events. It is also possible to transfer money from a Google Pay mobile to another mobile having a United Payment Interface (UPI) app. 

Google play app downloads as of 2020 is present in most of smartphones across the world. In the E-commerce payment segment Google Pay is the leading payment platform both in USA and Europe. it is among the top three online mobile payment wallets across Australia. 

In India, Google Pay app is used by almost 67 million smartphone users across the length and breadth of the country. Transactions to the tune of $ 900 million has been carried out and continues to increase at a raid.  A new service offering is app Google pay for business which has been launched to facilitate small business payment. 

All IRCTC transactions in India can be made via Google pay. 

Install the Google pay APK to make all mobile post-paid and recharge payments. In the case of recharge, it will show all the plan details of the specific operator.  Users can select the required one.  

Google Pay is supported on all major financial transactions networks including Visa Debit, Master card, Diner Club, American Express, United Payment Interface in India, Interac in Canada, PayPal in USA, Waon in Japan, EFTPOS in Australia. 

Download Google Pay app for an easy and seamless shopping.   No dependency on hard currency.

Updated: November 30, 2020 — 8:16 am

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