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Social media is often mistaken for the brand Facebook. The reason is that Facebook is the platform that launched social interaction and gave a total new direction to the use of internet.  It is the overnight popularity of the brand that created internet social media as an industry by itself.  

Install the Facebook app on the mobile smartphone and get connected all around. 

To talk about Facebook is not at all necessary as almost every second person goes on this site at least once in a day.  It can be 10-year-old child or a 90-year-old grandmother. Today, it is among the top 5 brand names of the world and has been so consistently. Despite the fact that many free chatting, calling and video mobile apps have sprung up in the last 8 years, the usage of Facebook has not gone down. In fact, it is increasing year on year. 

As of 2020, Facebook app has a user base of about 2.5 billion.  

Facebook operates out of California USA. This is the location of its headquarters.  It was started and founded by a group of technology youngsters in the year 2004.  In no time, it developed into the most powerful internet technology company in the world.   

Download Facebook APK on Android phones and live stream video through Facebook live. 

Facebook links with social friends, relations, and all new or existing acquaintances via pictures and text. The Facebook profile is a private while the page is public. The latter is mostly for business and commercial purpose. 

Sharing of content was the main unique feature when this brand started. It was innovated by Facebook. Today most of the other brands have it thanks to Facebook. 

The newsfeed in Facebook account provides latest and all breaking news from the local community to the events and headlines around the globe.  

Facebook is today the world’s largest digital platform for brands, services and products.  It is the best source of brand promotion at an extremely low cost. Even a well-managed inorganic (free) digital marketing strategy on the site can give a global reach to the business.  

It gives detailed insight and analytics of all brand promotion activities to the last number. In traditional marketing, it may not be possible to do this level of accurate measurement. 

The app is compatible on all mobile platforms including windows and Symbian. 

Updated: November 19, 2020 — 11:11 am

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