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There is nothing like playing one’s favourite sport on the mobile smartphone. In the present era of unending work schedule, there is hardly any spare time of going out and playing cricket, football, tennis or other sports. The 2020 Corona pandemic has given more time to sit and work from home but social distancing norms has brought severe limitations on team sports and open ground playing. 

However, there is nothing to feel sad about this, especially sports lovers. In the digital and smartphone driven world, fantasy game playing is equal fun. Just try it out with Fan2play app download. There are so many games to play and it is total fun and relaxation. Go ahead and create a fantasy team with just 2 to 4 players and experience the true joy of sports on the internet.  

Using Fan2Play – 

The two players can select their individual teams of their favourite sport. Once team is created, they can challenge one another. The winner team has to prove themselves as the better one by crossing the challenge. The players can either accept the other side challenge or create their own.  A single team can have anywhere between 1 to 4 players. There are no team selection restrictions based on player type or credits. Just install the Fan2play app and go ahead by challenging others or accepting their challenge. 

The winning person on team is declared on the basis of the point scoring system of the Fan2play app. It is advised to all sports enthusiasts who step into this app to understand the scoring system very well. 

Remember one thing – this is a game of skill and not a luck game like cards or ludo. Certain brainy tactics need to be used. It is not just a player but also a selector role combined into one. The game gives the chance to remove any team member and edit the team formation but this should be before the game starts. 

So what is the big wait for? Just download the Fan2play APK on the Android smartphone and go ahead. It is compatible on IOS devices as well. The app can be downloaded from Google store and App store. 

The app is completely private and not associated with any sporting body within India or outside. 

Note – For those who want to play the advanced version, there is a 11 team member game as well. 

For any issues or any sort of feedback user players can contact – support@


Updated: November 30, 2020 — 8:28 am

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