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Everything online gives one the reach for a wider market and a wider customer base.  The retail is the best example of this. Every shop will serve the customers in that areas but if one goes digital or online, the reach can be much higher.  In fact, there is no limit to the geographical reach for someone on Internet.  

The Digital Dukan (shop) app turns the physical store into an online WhatsApp store and that too in less than 15 seconds, so that all friends and social circle can access it. This app has been developed by the company Dot Pe and hence the name. It is a selling facility that can be utilised by commercial establishments and individuals. 

With a single point online store sellers can have marketing, product promotions through campaigns and broachers as well as online payments This online Dukaan or shop can be shared over WhatsApp and every other social media platform. Payment mode is via UPI mobile app payment or net banking. 

By downloading the Digital Dukaan app on the smartphone, business can reap many short term and long term benefits. Just a few clicks and a store is set up on WhatsApp with unlimited customer access. Just enter the store name, number and then address. Then build up a product catalogue.  

An important thing is to be created is a good My orders page so that each order, delivery and payment can be tracked.  

Some of the benefits are the following – 

An online and free product catalogue that gives all the details of the product and services. A printed brochure cost very much.  An artistic brochure does not cost much and needs to be made only once. 

Setting up an online shop is very easy. It just takes a few days to design a good portal and a payment system. A brick and mortar shop set-up can take days or even months. 

It is very easy and simple to share the store over WhatsApp business and reach out to unlimited customers. 

Making payment sitting at home through mobile aps or through online modes is the preferred way. India is slow and steadily moving to a digital mode in payments. Even in physical stores, mobile or card based payments are preferred. 

Install Digital Dukaan and helps to keep social distance and with the Covid Pandemic raging across the country, such stores seem to be the best option.  

All big and small stores can ideally use this digital Dukaan to sell online. They include Kirana stores, tailors, mobile and electronic shops, fish and meat, apparel, hardware and many more…

It is business and vertical agnostic. Only the little bit nuances of digital store creation need to be known and that’s very simple. 

Install the Digital Dukaan APK on Android device. Version as of September 2020 is 4.1 and above. 


Updated: November 19, 2020 — 11:31 am

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