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A brand name which is on everybody’s lips and almost everyone uses. It will be difficult to find anyone in India not having heard of Zomato.  

This food delivery aggregation app has its presence across India.  It is also globally known and have done many corporate acquisitions. Within India, there are almost ten thousand cities and towns offering Zomato app services through online food ordering. 

Users can order from their favourite restaurants within the comforts of their home or offices using this app. The Corona pandemic has made the services of Zomato more important than ever. Open gathering of people in restaurants is now bare minimum die to social distancing norms. In such times, it is mostly home delivery which people are taking recourse to.  

Zomato app and platform users can select their favourite menu items from their favourite hotels or restaurants and order it online.  Once they enter the app, users can view the restaurants severed via Zomato. They can accordingly select on the restaurant of their choice, their dishes from its menu. Payment can be made online or cash on delivery.  

Remember one thing. The service is not for a certain category of restaurants. Any big and small eatery can link themselves up with Zomato. Note that in many localities in India, the eateries are more popular by its taste and fame and not by its size or ambience. 

With the Zomato APK installed on the Android device, customers get a wide range of hotels and eating houses to select from.  

What if totally new to the city and there is no time to go out and explore because of hectic work schedule. That’s another scenario when Zomato comes in so handy. Just go in to the app , take a look at all the restaurants and them go for the order as per food choice. 

With its instant recall and spread across India, the app today caters to about 1.2 million deliveries in a single day. That is no small number!  There are about 11 million Zomato app downloads in India every month.  It has 70 million monthly active users ordering food via this platform. 


Zomato  as of today ( 2020 November)  is valued more than $ 1 billion. In January 2020, it acquired the food division of global cab hailing company Uber- Uber Eats. 

Zomato app runs on both Android and IOS platforms. The running Android version is 15.3.1 as of November 2020. The minimum Android requirement is 5.0 and above. On Apple IPhone, the minimum IOS requirement is 11.0 and above.

Updated: November 30, 2020 — 8:15 am

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