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As the name itself is rather funny and a rather stretched out way of pronouncing silly, so is the very utility of the app.  It provides short and funny videos on a variety of topics and makes the viewer laugh out with true sense of humour. 

What’s so cool about this entertainment app and why it’s the best thing to install Zili app on the mobile smartphone? Lot of things. 

First of all, it is not just an app which churns out short and funny videos but it’s a virtual and never ending library of true fun and humour. 

It is not something like a social media site (especially those big names) wherein surfing will give you what’s happening on the trends. But in Zili, it is fun and joy unlimited through funny sketches, hilarious videos, bits from movies and of course lots of peppy music and dance. All with the Zilli APK on the Android device. 

The most important of all is the unending videos of Zili. They never seem to end and its al about a lot of fun and some guilty leg pulling with no pun intended. It is also a platform for many young talents to launch themselves. There is lot of awe and inspiring stuff as well. 

Apps is all about sharing and if its videos and that too funny or power packed, then it HAS to be shared. That is what makes it recognized and worth its true value. With a simple and single tap, the videos in Zili can be shared with friends and other social circle members on WhatsApp and Facebook. 

Create a new video with a good theme and upload it on Zili. Once it gets circulated and becomes popular, or even an overnight rage, it’s easy for such talents to become mega influencers. There is a hidden talent in everyone and with the Zili App downloaded, it can be realised in no time. 

There is no question of feeling lonely on Zili. There is always someone out there who shares the same interest and fun or pranks. It can be anything such as love for pets, leg pulling humour, tech geek and more. Many things to do with the Zili App installed. 

On a lighter vein it can be said that those who find too much humour too heavy to handle should not download the Zili App. 

The running app version as of November 2020 is and the minimum device requirement is Android 4.4. and above. 

Updated: November 30, 2020 — 8:12 am

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