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The best chance to expand your business or to meet certain urgent purchases through fast and simple loan application processing. Getting a loan approved was never so easy as before with the launch of the Rufilo app. It helps to get approval for many loans with hardly any documentation and a simplified online processing. 

It is all about getting loans? No. Rufilo app is a sort of financial adviser which guides the user in more than ways. Through a service known as the Smart Watch and Responsibility Tracker (SMaRT) tracker, it helps individual find the credit card best suited according to their needs and income. It’s all very simple. Download the app to the mobile device. Then enter just the basic information to set the application rolling. The most suitable credit cards will be shown. Select accordingly.  

 So there are lots of things to do with the Rufilop APK on the Android device. 

The main benefit of this app is that it involves very little documentation and fast processing. The loans are small credit lines and do not normally cross amount of Rs 1 lac. 

Among the documents required, the most important is the Adddhar card of the person. Beyond that not much paperwork. If income criteria fit in and there are no other default issues, then loan gets processed in not more than 5 minutes. 

That might just pop out the eyes of the reader! Five minutes for a loan approval in India! Yes, it is true and nothing impossible about it. Just download Rufilo app. Seeing is believing and is the best form of convincing.  

Once loan is availed, the borrower also has the option of making the monthly EMI payments online through Rufilo app. There are many easy payment options such as bank transfer, UPI, PayTM. Proper repayment means more loan chances such as top-up on existing loan amount, 

All the services offered us backed up with an excellent 24 * 7 operational customer service team. The user can chat, email or talk to them any time for any clarifications or doubt clearance. 

Through the SMaRT offer, Rufio wants to address that set of one billion customers who have not been given the right attention by the banking system.  All such potential customers have a superior capability to build a good credit line through the right credit card. 

Install the Rufilo app on the mobile smartphone and select the right loan and the right credit now for all the suitable business or personal needs. 

Updated: November 30, 2020 — 8:11 am

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