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Qureka Apk App Download & Install –

This is an educational app which promotes the knowledge through quizzes. It helps not just to increase the intelligence, IQ and general awareness but there are many exciting cash prizes to be won. It has a daily quiz show that give price money up to INR 1 lac and there is a mega quiz on Wednesday that has prize money of INR 25000. All the quizzes are live shows and instant answers and results.

Education is not just pondering over text books and rote learning. There is a lot of brain teasers and fun brain activity that can sharpen the human intelligence. Download the Qureka app for this and develop the IO on different fronts and also come out with rich cash prizes. 

So what exactly does Qureka do ? 

There are various types of quizzes in this app and if you are really someone with competitive and challenging spirit, then nothing like the Qureka app to get set and go. The first is the daily live quiz and there are almost 25 shows every day. Then comes the hourly live quiz which also gives a lot of win earnings. Final is the exam prep quizzes and cricket quizzes. This is also on a daily basis. 

There are live quizzes every half hour from 9 am to 9 pm. Download the Querka app and win INR 30000 daily by participating in these quizzes. It is both in Hindi and English. There are a total of 10 questions in every quiz show with a time frame of ten seconds to answer the question. The prize money is distributed equally among all the winners. In the event of there being no winner, it is added to the next quiz show. 

Every quiz show has the feature of coins which lead to elimination from the game. This is because every wrong answer brings 30 coins. 

There are hourly quizzes also which the user can come and play any time after installing the Qureka APK on the smartphone. In a time, frame of 90 seconds, the users have to answer as many questions as possible. Every right answer gives 20 points and every wrong answer gives 10 points. The final score at the end of 90 seconds will determine how much the winner will take. 

All the quizzes in the Qureka app are of different types covering a wide variety of topics such as politics, GK, History, geography, sports, literature, entertainment and celebrity … There is also exam prep quiz for UPSC, SSC, Bank PO, 10 PLUS 2 entrance exam.

The running Android version as of September 2020 is 3.1.45.

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