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What’s MeVero?

MeVero = Your Passion Community + Knowledge & Resources for following passion + Coaching for passion

All of us have winsome dreams which are sometimes too good to be true.

But then the dreadful reality which we live in awaits us on a daily basis. Life often throws lemons at us and we don’t really find a good reason to slog every day.

Well, how about we make lemonade out of it and we all slog in doing what we really love or are passionate about?

What does a passionate human being do then?
● Loves what he does.
● Does what he is good at.
● He doesn’t feel overworked while doing his work.
● It doesn’t work on the instructions of grumpy bosses in cubicles.
● It doesn’t follow strict deadlines.
● He follows his heart and uses his brain to pave his way ahead.

Well in most cases, the answer will be a NO if you go by the above bullet points. Don’t worry, millions of people in the world are in the same boat as you. There are millions throughout the globe who are disgruntled and confused about life. This confusion and disgruntlement often lead to people being termed and written off as ‘unsuccessful’.

Worry not! MeVero is here to the rescue!

We want to make sure that finding your passion and following it became an effortless and enjoyable journey. We want you to experience a realistic evaluation leading to a feasible, goal-oriented and purposeful life…A life that we call Life 2.0!

MeVero has come up with a platform of tools and applications which helps in the effective pursuit of passion.

With the help of MeVero’s you can:

1. Find your passion with your passion buddy Veda.
2. Make your own community of people with similar passions. Form chat groups or Directly message your passion buddies anytime.
3. Discover Personalised Knowledge in your area of passion every time you log in.
4. Access seamlessly integrated creation tools like Video Editor, Rich Word Editor, Photo Editor to pursue your passion.
5. Book sessions with Life Navigators to cope with failures or obstacles in your journey of pursuing a passion.
6. Identify barriers stopping you from pursuing your passion and learn how to overcome these barriers.

Updated: December 6, 2020 — 5:14 pm

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