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Loco is a game streaming app and very much popular in India among the gaming users. Get all the game videos into a single point through the Loco Video Stream App. This app has everything about online video games and looks to spread its popularity among the regular game players as well as to pull in new enthusiasts. 

Now watch the best and the most popular of India’s existing as well as new games through Loco. There are so many of them and its almost unimaginable that its game repository is so rich and varied. There is an equally big gaming community from which much to share and give. All round engage, discuss, join and follow with them. By installing the Loco Livestream game app, users can also become streamers. This means they can stream their games live into this vast community of gamers. This will bring more buffs into the games they are playing. 

There are many multiplayer games like Bull Bash, Pool, Ludo and these can be paid directly with the group of friends and other game enthusiasts.  There are also many skill games, video tutorials and other interesting PC games with the Loco app downloaded on the smartphones. 

Another interesting feature is that users can watch the live streams of the some of the most popular Indian games such as Neyco Slayer, Jonathan Snax, Gyrogad and all the other popular names. 

Another game which deserves a mention is the Fnatics Rising Program. Here underdog players are trained to become the rising star in the country’s esports. 

This and much more with the Loco Free Livestream multimedia app. Not to be missed and get it installed fast on the Android device. 

In fact, Loco is not just a gaming app but an entertainer that gives round-the-clock, games and multiplayer epsorts. 

Through the Loco live streaming platform, one can watch games on PC, play stations, Xbox. watch video games live in HD in the chat room with other members of the gaming community.  There are games throughout the day and viewers can pick and choose any time. 

Install the Loco APK on the Android device and catch the best of the game tournaments streamed live through the app. There are many of the top teams in India such as Mayhem. ND, SynerGe and more…. For an outsider these names may be totally new but once into the community, they become mega brands like real teams. 

The running version as of November 2020 is 5.2.27. The minimum device requirement is Android 5.0 and above.

Updated: November 30, 2020 — 8:10 am

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