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Fantasy sports apps are zooming in their popularity and many users in India are installing these both as a form of entertainment, prize money, playing their favourite sport. Dream 11 App, as of now, is one of the most popular sports app in the country. The user can create their virtual teams and play their favourite sports and pit them against one another.  

All the sports lovers in the country can form their favourite teams and take head-on against one another by installing the Dream 11 App on their mobile phones. It is fun and fantasy at its best. 

Yes, one more thing. India is now a mass sports loving nation. It is not just cricket, but also EPL Football, Kabbadi and even NBA basketball is now becoming popular. 

The platform for the Dream 11 App was launched in the year 2008 by the company Stic Bold. With its increasing popularity, the mobile app version being released soon after.   

Understanding a fantasy team –  

A fantasy team takes its inspirations from real life players and they are created online in the form of virtual teams.  The competition between these teams happens on actual matches and actual scores that have taken place. These scores are coded into the program in order to make the games more exciting and natural. As a manner in real life a certain player is selected or not, by Installing the Dream 11 App, the user can also make their player choices. The user thereby becomes virtual owner of such an online team on the internet. 

It is possible to play many games through the dream 11 App.  Needless to say cricket is the most popular followed by many other sports like football, kabaddi, basketball, hockey.  The favourite players can be selected from each sport.  

On the mobile screen, these virtual players will have the same name and the facial look of the real life players. This is necessary because only then users will get the thrill of actually watching their stars in action. 

The best of sports in action through the click of the Dream 11 APK file in the Android phone. It is all there. Real life scores and statistics is the way for the matches.  Player control is in the user’s hands as well. 

Install the Dream 11 App on the Android phone and take the pick of the best team.  The only pre-condition is that users should be above the age of 18 years to go for the paid contest.  The minimum device requirement is Android 9.0 and above. The running version as of 2020 is 3.39.0. 

Updated: November 30, 2020 — 8:01 am

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